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I have this really, really, really old Alesis Quadraverb GT signal effects processor. To give you an idea of how old, it was bought for me by my father when it was new when I was still a teenager.


Recently I had a really big problem keeping the unit turned on. It would randomly shut off for no reason. This made me a bit depressed because whenever you hear recorded guitar from me there's Quadraverb in it.

I figured maybe if I tightened the screws holding it together it would somehow fix it - and by Jove I was right; it did.

Happy as a clam I turned it on and it stayed on for a change. Joy!

As I was messing around with the settings I found this really odd (to me) grit-guitar sound. Well, I couldn't pass this up so I recorded a song. It's your standard alternative / heavy metal type of rock with an odd guitar sound.

I dig it.

Download MP3 [edit: go to the music page to download my songs].

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