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happy betta

Something I haven't been writing about recently (because it's been a depressing subject) is the fact that I've gone thru three betta fish in the past two weeks. They all died very quickly, and for the life of me I couldn't figure out why they were buying the farm left and right, especially considering the fact I'm really good at taking care of fish. My bettas normally last a really long time.

I wondered.. Maybe it's the water? Hm..

So... for betta fish #4 I decided to try something different. I brought home a few gallons of water from Pop's house because he has well water instead of city water and used that for the fish to swim around in.

Success. Bob (I name all my fish "Bob" as a joke because that's the only word he knows how to "say") is very happy. This morning I noticed he started making a bubble nest, ate his food (very good sign) and was swimming 'round his bowl. More or less he was acting like a betta should act, so I'm happy about that.

Like with all metro areas, the water I have is treated. That treatment kills fish. Safe for human consumption, yes, but not for fishies.

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