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Heat and poop

I had a discussion (friendly but with subtle undertone) about heat with the landlord. He's yappin' away about the price of heat and so on and so forth. He tells me it costs him x amount of money per month, blah blah blah. He also says if I waste heat that I'd pay the difference. Shyeah, right. You advertised HEAT AND HOT WATER INCLUDED BUCKO. Whatever. His heating costs are not my concern. If he decides to pull "I need extra rent to cover heat costs", we're gonna have a problem - and their better not be.

When I went out to get some foodstuffs earlier today I noticed that every bird in Bangor decided to take a dump on the hood of my truck. Had to stop by a gas station and rake the windshield over with the squeegee a few times. Got most of the poop off the windshield. As far as the hood is concerned I'll have to take it to the wash. Curses!


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