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How I deal with unwanted calls on my cell phone

Samsung S425G

Whenever I sign up for anything that requires a phone number, I absolutely do not give out my cell number because that's a one-way ticket to getting your phone flooded with crap calls from telemarketers. But even as careful as I am with my cell number, I still get random wrong-number calls and every so often a telemarketer will robodial my number randomly.

I don't have a phone that can block numbers, so I had to come up with a different way of silencing the idiots.

What I used to do

Before coming up with method I use now, I used to save every unwanted number as a contact and then assign a silent ringtone to it. But as more of them kept calling, I kept having to add in more contacts, and that was getting old real fast. A new method needed to be used, and this is what I came up with that works.

What you need

  1. A phone that can assign custom ringtones to contacts.
  2. A silent MP3 ringtone.

Step 1. Edit the "normal" sound profile

Take the silent MP3 and assign that as your primary sound profile ringtone.

Step 2. Assign every contact a ringtone, or put every contact in a "ring" contact group

You do whichever is easier for you. You can either assign every contact a ringtone (assigning every one of them the same ringtone is fine), or you can alternatively create a contact group called "ring", and assign all contacts to that group.

Depending on what kind of phone you have, one will be easier than the other. On my phone, it's easier just to assign each contact a ringtone.

Step 3. Disable vibration on ring (optional)

If you don't want to ever have any sort of audible notification for any call outside of your contact list, disable vibration. Or if it doesn't bother you, leave it on.

The end result

People in your contact list will ring your phone. Any number not in your contact list that calls will not ring your phone.

The only thing you have to get in the habit of is that for every new contact you add, you have to remember to assign a custom ringtone, else your phone won't ring when they call.

What about text message sounds?

If your phone has the capability to use custom incoming message sounds that are assignable per contact, you can do the same thing as you could for the call contacts. However, if your phone can't assign custom message tones per contact, it just can't be done until you get a phone that does have that feature.


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