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The Christmas television commercials are getting into full swing now. Just about all of them are very annoying. There's one I particularly loathe by Kohl's. At first I (swear to God) thought it was a GAP commercial. It shows happy shiny dancy white, black and asian (gotta have the right mix y'know) people jumping and dancing around in full Christmas color garb with big gold boxes donning bows on them.

You'll note I said Christmas season, not "Holiday season". Companies these days are so frightened to offend anyone that they never say the word "Christmas" in any of their commercials, which is another way of saying "We don't care what flippin' holiday you celebrate, just buy from us."

Watch tv commercials and count how many times you hear "...this holiday season" or "...your holiday season".

It's very corporate and cold, something this time of year shouldn't be about at all.

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