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i am giving up youtube and here are the two reasons why

Some of you out there may have noticed that I removedĀ  a bunch of videos from my YouTube channel. I set to "private" all the videos that were covers I did of other songs for literal fear of having my channel shut down.

To date I have only had one video banhammer'd from YouTube and the circumstances behind it were flaky at best.

I did a play-along of a song calledĀ  Unsung by Helmet and the now-hated WMG (Warner Music Group) decided I was violating copyright. However the video was not banhammer'd at first. Instead I received an email stating that I would have to display ads linking to a purchase page for the song. Okay, no big deal. But then a week later the video was taken down. Strange? Yes.

Shortly after this I took down all my cover song videos.

That's the first reason I'm giving up YouTube.

The second reason is this whole DMCA b.s.

The DMCA itself is not wrong. What is wrong is how people on YouTube are using it. Basically put, if you use someone else's image in your video, even as a clip as a part of a review (which is completely legal), if the original author decides he or she doesn't like it, that author will file a DMCA on you and usually get away with it.

What's the problem here? The problem is that people don't understand the DMCA and are filing false claims left and right. Fortunately there are some very smart people who are calling people on it and in addition legally forcing them to own up to their mistakes.

But even though there are those who are fighting the good fight, who wants to put up with any of this crap on YouTube? I don't.

It's bad enough that the YouTube community is the worst on the internet. The. Absolute. Worst.

It's bad enough the system is abused left and right.

It's bad enough the system is spammed constantly with no end in sight.

And now we have to deal with the WMG and people filing false DMCAs that don't understand the legality of it?

I literally cannot post another cover song to my YouTube channel for fear of it being banhammer'd and having my channel shut down. I am a musician. I play music. That's what I do. On YouTube, I can't post myself playing songs unless they belong to me 100% even though cover songs are 100% legal to do.

I have other videos that show reviews of products. How long will it take before those "infringe" in one way or another?

What about my older video game screen captures? Will those count as "infringements" in the future?

I'm really not sure. And to be honest I don't want to find out.

I am in the process of backing up all my videos from YouTube and will be posting them elsewhere. After that I will setting all the private videos back to public status. And if I gets banhammer'd/closed/shut down/whatever, screw it. Let it happen. I'll at least have my backups.


WMG decided to banhammer some of my existing cover song videos even though they were not public. Can you believe it?

Not to worry, I can still grab the backups from the browser's cache, so they're not lost. Am proceeding with backups as I type this.


Can't give up YouTube. That site has got me by the balls. Hit the next page to find out why.

I'm a bit ticked off because I thought I could just switch over to another site, re-do my embed links and that would be the end of it.

Heh. No. It's not even close to being that easy.

When faced with the fact I'd have to re-upload almost 80 videos, deal with the crappy interface of another video sharing site and still be in the same stupid situation I'm in now, the best things to do were the following:

1. BACKUP all my videos - which I did.

I stupidly did not save the original copies of the videos I uploaded. Fortunately however I was able to retrieve them all via a browser cache trick (even the banhammer'd ones).

2. Re-upload only the banhammer'd ones to an alternative video sharing site.

This was relatively quick and painless. And if they get the hammer dropped on them again, there are plenty of others to choose from. And if more of my vids get hammmer'd, I'll just follow suit. Screw it.

Trust me, there are several good reasons why YouTube is #1, with the biggest being it's the most easiest to use - closely followed by MySpace (yes, for real).

This is an imperfect solution but it'll work for the time being. The most important thing is that yes, I have my backups. And that's what counts. No matter how many times any of my vids gets a hammer dropped on them, I can always upload somewhere else.


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