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i can only receive, i can listen to you

Title of this one are lyrics from Gary Numan's "Cars".


I was supposed to finish up a track today for someone else but totally ran out of steam. There were some errands I had to do and needed to take care of that first, so tomorrow the tune will get done. It's nothing that will appear here.


It rained today - which was a good thing - but not enough. I say not enough because my truck is still dirty. 🙂


There is another blog I read that changes the design constantly, much like I used to do here. It's very annoying. I'm glad that I'm not doing that "change my site every one-to-two months" crap any longer. So far it's holding steady. (grin)


I learned Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out" on piano. Man, that song is so cool. I'm glad to have learned it.

Speaking of which, I've been messing around with some classical piano sounding things. I may put together a few tracks over the weekend for download here if I'm up to it and not sleeping my ass off.


Here's a shout-out to all the different places in the USA that have visited menga dot net very recently:

Ft. Worth Texas, Round Rock Texas, St. Paul Minnesota, Newcastle UK, Portland Maine, Las Vegas Nevada, Cleveland Ohio, Lodi New Jersey..

..and, of course, Connecticut.

You are all contributing to my 100+ unique visitors a day (at present). 🙂

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