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More biz site goodness

I've finally decided on a template for my biz site but it's been the whole "How do I deliver the content" that's been racking my brain for the past few nights. I decided to go with tried-and-true PHP includes. Originally I was going to have everything be dynamic, but I find that it's just easier to have web pages that contain some static stuff and some dynamic ("included") stuff.

I am also debating whether to spend any money promoting the site. I may or may not do this because the search engines will more than do the job for me in a relatively short period of time.

My secret to good search engine results/rankings isn't anything all that secret. Here's what I do (and it works):

Purposely write crappy code

My web pages have no HTML declarations, they never validate, I routinely omit putting quotes around certain things that should have quotes around them and so on. More or less I write web pages the same way they were done back in the late 90's, save for the fact they look modern because I use CSS. I have found that my pages get crawled quicker and indexed faster by writing them my way instead of the proper way.

Meta keywords/description

The question remains enternal: "Do META tags really work?" The answer is yes, they do. All you have to do is follow a few simple rules. Keep them less than fifteen words in length. Make the words relevant to the content on the web page. Try avoiding words like "and", "or", "the" and so on. That's basically it.

Pseudo-static web pages

All my web pages on my biz site (but not here since I use .php) end in .html, but I add a little thing to my .htaccess to make them parse as PHP files.

AddType application/x-httpd-php .html

That's it. All my .html files will parse as PHP. This means I can treat them exactly like .php web pages and put includes and whatever other PHP code I want in them. Having web pages end in .html gives off the appearance of static web pages. In my experience they get crawled/indexed faster than other file extensions like php, asp and shtml.

Keep all web pages in root directory

When I first started doing a biz site, I would have the home page URL as and the contact page as something like because it looked more professional, but the fact of the matter is that no one cares, and having a ton of subdirectories is a pain in the rump to maintain, so, I keep all web pages in the root directory. Images and other things go elsewhere.

Give it time

For some strange reason (even today), people expect super-awesome search results instantly. That simply isn't true. You have to give the engines time to catch up to your site. If your pages are done properly it will only take a month. Maybe two.


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