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At a local department store I was thumbing thru the discount DVD's for sale and found Blade Runner for five bucks, so I bought it.

The movie is only slightly less confusing now as it was when I watched it years ago. Blade Runner is one of those films that is more "artsy" than actual sci-fi, both in its look and storytelling. In other words, most people would just get outright confused after viewing it. Only after reading up on the film did I understand what it was truly all about.

As far as the story goes, the pace is completely off. Really slow in some parts, and way too fast in others. This is why it takes viewing it a few times before you actually understand what's going on.

As for the look, I think it's cool because as we all know, the future isn't something where everything is gleaming in chromed perfection. The world we live in obviously gets used a lot. While I seriously doubt L.A. will look as dark as the film shows in 2019, it certainly won't look like The Jetsons either. Then again, maybe it might. No one knows for sure (save for the fact we know there will be no flying cars in 2019). 🙂


Being that I just viewed a movie with its version of the future, here are some of my predictions for the future. Take notes. You will be quizzed later. 🙂

No flying cars

As said above, there aren't going to be any flying cars. It's not going to happen. End of story. The reason is because there is not any way to get a vehicle in the air for consumer use that is safe, cheap and cost effective.

Not gonna happen.

Floating cities

Seventy percent of Earth is covered in water. Population continues to grow at an alarming rate in all parts of the globe. Some countries are simply running out of land. There are three solutions to that problem.

1. The country that's running out of land conquers another country to gain more for themselves. But this isn't a very smart move because it would tick off everyone else. Trade would slow to a halt, and moreover, people would die for no reason.

2. Neighboring countries work together to share the land - and we know that's never going to happen.

3. Extend a country on the water.

Number three is the most likely to occur. I predict that we will see floating cities in the future that possibly connect countries together. They will most likely be powered by wind and water (hydro). The technology exists to create wide superstructures that essentially connect like huge LEGO blocks and do not require and physical land underneath them.

Whether this actually happens or not is indeterminate, however, it would be the most cost effective solution, and additionally would not harm the environment of Earth if the "floater" cities were strategically placed.

Neighboring countries would need to work together to make this happen. If it did, it opens up a whole new world of commerce in addition to miles and miles of livable space.

I can also guarantee there'd be a huge market for hydro-cars if this ever occurred.

Computers with no moving parts

In reality, this already exists. There are motherboards and processors right now that (in addition to the power supply) require no fans and no moving media (like hard drives and optical drives). The problem is that they're not fast enough.

But in five years or less they will be.

Watch for it.

"Speak'n'Repeat" translators

A small handheld device would allow you to speak English (or other language) to it, the unit would "hear" it, then repeat back what you just said in your language of choice, such as German, Russian, Spanish and so on.

You could also program the unit to be in "conversation" mode. Participant #1 would be English-to-German, and Participant #2 would be German-to-English, etc.

Later on this would be directly implemented into wireless phones.

No, it wouldn't be perfect because it does not account for regional accents, however, it would make ordering at a restaurant in another country a whole lot easier, wouldn't it?

And yes, just like today's dictation software, you would have to sit down with this thing and have it "learn" your voice so it (hopefully) doesn't make too many mistakes. 🙂

Self-guided vehicles

This is another thing that some companies are working on right now. A car is driven 100% by computer and "follows" a series of transponders placed in strategic spots, and sometimes works in combination with GPS.

We will first see this with freight transport, but don't worry, it'll never replace the driver. The reason is because it's simply too costly to place transponders on every single street corner in America. The likelihood of failure is high on residential roads. And even as good as GPS is (with resolution up to 25 feet), it's just too much of a risk to put a self-guided vehicle there. Someone would get hit and possibly die.

What will most likely happen is that designated lanes on the interstate will be "auto-car-only" to prevent accidents.

To those who would pose the question Wouldn't this increase theft risk if there's no one to monitor the cargo on a self-guided vehicle? You betcha. But I'm sure someone will develop a security system to prevent that as much as possible.

The end of CRT's

CRT: Cathode Ray Tube.

Layman's definition: Any television or monitor with a "tubed" display.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is fast making CRT's a dinosaur, but they're still on the shelves. I estimate that CRT's will be off the shelves before 2012. Possibly 2015.

And to be honest.. good riddance.

The end of optical discs

Optical discs (CD's and DVD's) are a dead technology. They're unreliable and scratch very easily. In short, they've gotta go. One can only hope the video/audio industry will decide on a format that will not require any moving parts. It'll probably be the size of a poker card and simply plug in to a player, much like cartridges do into portable gaming devices like Nintendo DS or PSP.

All that HD DVD and Blu-Ray tech? Obsolete. It'll die just as fast as LaserDisc's did. You watch.

The realization that video on a phone is a dumb idea

Sooner or later (hopefully sooner), everyone will realize that putting video on an itty bitty teeny tiny screen is just stupid. That's entertainment? Uh.. no. Don't think so.

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