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My experience at Century Buick Pontiac GMC, Tampa FL

There's a story to this so I have to tell that first.

I was driving along to Dunkin' Donuts on Busch Blvd. and went to hit the cruise control on my 2005 GMC Canyon. Didn't work. And no matter what I did it would not engage.

Then after that I found out that the brake switch failed as well. The brakes worked, but none of the lamps came on in the back.

Uh-oh. Very dangerous.

Figuring it was a fuse that blew, I spent almost 10 bucks on fuses and replaced anything to do with the cruise control switch and/or brake lamp switch. Didn't work.

Okay, now I'm nervous.

I call up University Chevrolet in Tampa and tell them about it. Turns out there's a recall on '04 to '06 Canyon/Colorado trucks where the brake light assembly needs replacement to fix it. This fix is done at any authorized dealership at no charge, even if you're out of warranty. So good deal there.

I do remember specifically getting notices in the mail about this from GM way back in 2006 when the recall was originally issued. I should have had the work done then, but I was stupid and didn't do it. Three years later in 2009, the problem finally happened.

The lesson learned here is that anytime you get a recall notice, immediately take your vehicle to get it fixed. Don't wait. All it costs you is time as recall work is at no charge. One thing is for sure, I'll never ignore those notices ever again. It was sheer dumb luck that this problem didn't occur while I was driving in the city and that I got it repaired in less than 24 hours.

Melissa at University Chevrolet tells me they can't do the recall work because they're a Chevrolet dealer and not GMC. She was very nice about it and was genuinely apologetic, then told me to contact Century Buick Pontiac GMC as they would be able to do to recall work.

I call up Century - on a Saturday morning mind you - and tell them what I need done, and that University Chevrolet had already checked the VIN confirming my truck was definitely needed this work done.

Ray, the guy I spoke with at Century, tells me to speak with the parts department first to make sure they have the parts needed so I don't waste a trip. This was very cool of Century to do. I speak with parts, they confirm that yes they had the brake light assembly needed and to drive on over.

I arrived at Century at about 10:15am.

Here's where the really cool stuff happens.

Century Buick Pontiac GMC is by far the absolute best GM dealership I have ever set foot on, and here's why.

Cleanest service area I've ever seen in my life.

What happens when you go to a dealership is that the parts and service department is shoved into the back of the property, and there's no attention paid to look whatsoever. It looks grungy, greasy, etc.

Century's service area looks like the showroom area. It's very posh. Very clean. The parking area looks like premium valet parking(!)

I'm thinking, "This is a GM dealership? No way.."

Way. And it gets better.

The bathrooms are awesome?

In the men's room there are faux marble sinks and the place is as clean as a whistle. And there's even TELEVISION inside it. Yes! A small screen above the sink area showing the latest sports and so on.

The rest of the inside of Century is like DisneyWorld, in a really good way.

Century has a fully equipped café with food, vending machines, a kids play area, FREE WI-FI, and..


I'm not joking. Century has a small movie theater in it. It's really small and only seats about 16 people, BUT WHO CARES? Can you BELIEVE that?! When, IF EVER, have you gone into an auto dealership and watched a movie in a theater?

While my truck was getting serviced, I went in side and watched a James Bond movie. Good one, too! The movie was 15 minutes in, so I only missed the very beginning. No big deal.

After the movie was over, I walked out, went to the café area, bought a Mountain Dew, went back to the service area and my truck had all the work completed. It was about 12:15pm at this point.

I signed, got the keys, and left. No fuss, no muss. No pitching. None o' that.


It is nothing short of un-frickin'-believable how GREAT Century Buick Pontiac GMC is. From start to finish, everything is taken care of. Staff was awesome. Service was awesome. And obviously the completely modernized facility is something other car dealerships only dream of - but Century's got it. WOW do they ever.

I swear, this GM dealership should be a model for all others. This is EXACTLY how they should all be.

I'm STILL in shock from the awesomeness that is Century.

Their web site does no justice unless you actually go there. It is without a shadow of any doubt in the world just an incredible auto dealership.

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