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Yesterday as I was driving I heard a tap-tap-tap-tap. I figured something must be stuck to the tire so I pulled into a gas station to check it out.

Something was stuck all right. A nail. However, the tire wasn't leaking air.

I drove back home, grabbed a pair of pliers and took the nail out hoping I wouldn't hear any air, but then..

Ssssssss . . . .

Now it was a hole.

Ah, crap.

I called AAA to come over and put the spare on. Yes, I could have changed out the tire for the spare myself in about 10 minutes, but darn it, I pay a yearly subscription to AAA so I might as well use it.

This morning I headed over to the Goodyear place and they patched the punctured tire. Total cost: 25 bucks.

My truck drives fine as far as I can tell but it sucks I hit a nail after replacing the tires so recently. Such a needless expense.

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