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new brakes for the gmc canyon

My 2005 GMC Canyon now has just over 79,000 miles on it. And yes I am the original owner of the vehicle. Recently the brakes were squealing so I knew it was finally time for new ones.

The brake setup I have is disc/drum which is personally my absolute favorite setup in the world. Why? Because in the long run you spend so much less compared to four-wheel disc.

Four-wheel disc on a truck is just a bad idea because it's absolutely not necessary. Not only do they wear out faster but it costs more than double whenever you have to get a brake job done because you have to do all four each time (it promotes even brake wear), whereas with disc/drum you don't have to. Ordinarily you just have to replace the fronts and clean the drums in the rear. Cheap and effective.

Example: My father's 2000 GMC Sonoma. It has four-wheel disc. And I don't even want to tell you how much it cost it was to do his brakes last year. Makes me shudder just to think about it.

And for anyone that reads this and says, "But four-wheel disc is a superior braking system compared to disc/drum", yes it is. I don't dispute that. But wow does it bang your wallet something fierce when it comes to maintenance.

Based on customer reviews I went to a Tuffy center. In particular I went to the one in Riverview FL. My intention was not to buy but the place was so cool that I did decide to buy today. Here's how that went:

The shop is as clean as a whistle. It's very well maintained.

There was absolutely no high-pressure pitching b.s. from the guy at the desk. He explained only what I needed and didn't try to push any additional "Oh! You need this/that/the-other-thing too!" on me.

He actually gave me some choice. The truck came originally with ceramic shoes in the front. I could have gone with semi-metallics, but then I'd get a bunch of brake dust crapola in the front, so yeah it was worth the extra 30 bucks to go ceramic.

(Side note: If you wonder why GMC Canyons never get brake dust, it's because of the factory-installed ceramics. Don't skimp on this. Replace with ceramics and not semi-metallics. That is unless you actually like your front wheels to be covered in brake dust.)

Here are the parts that really won me over with Tuffy:

First, after inspecting the brakes the guy said I didn't need fronts but rather rear shoes - and even took me out to the garage and showed me without me having to ask first. And yep, the fronts were in great shape. The rears were worn down just like he said.

Any other place would have said I needed both fronts and rears done just to make a buck.

Second, I asked while there if they could check the air filter to see if it was still good. On inspection, the guy said, "Yep. Good shape. You don't need a replacement."

Any other place would have instantly said, "Yes. Bad. You need another one.", again with the intention of making a buck off me.

Third, there was absolutely no up-selling. I get up-sold so much at places that do auto mechanic work that I expect it. Not Tuffy. I wasn't up-sold once.

Fourth, the price quoted was right for the job.

Fifth, they test drove the vehicle to ensure good work - and I didn't even have to ask. This is a huge, huge deal with me. Any place that doesn't physically test drive the vehicle after brake work I don't trust.

Needless to say, I'm a happy customer.

When I drove it afterwards, the truck brakes great now. The pedal feels like it did when I bought it new. All squeals are gone. She doesn't "dive" anymore when stopping.

Quick question answered:

Motor-heads that read this are going to say (and rightly so), "How can you drive a vehicle 79,000 miles and still be on the original fronts? That's insane!"

Believe me, I was just as surprised. I have never had fronts last this long, ever. Typically I'd have them done every 30,000 to 50,000. But this truck just didn't need them at those times.

My Z85 Canyon SLE 4x4 with the 4-cyl just has a good brake setup, what can I say? And the fact the truck lives in Florida also makes the parts last longer.

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