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notes for feb 21 '08


This month is going by really fast for some reason. And yes I know February is the shortest month of the year but that's not what I'm referring to. Things just went by right quick this month.


As of 10:33pm when I write this it's 70° F outside with lots of humidity (a bit rainy). At the stomping grounds it's in the low 20s. Yes, that's a difference of about 50 degrees. From the forecast I read they're going to have snow up there. Again.

switching rss readers

I switched from Google Reader to Bloglines for the RSS stuff I read. I told my boss about it and he noted that I really seem to be abandoning Google altogether for everything save for web searches. Yeah, I guess I am.

I suppose I'm one of those people that doesn't rely solely on one company for everything when it comes to internet stuff. I had almost 100% of my 'net stuff revolving around Google in one way or another, but now I don't.

This is not the first time I've done this. Years ago I used Yahoo for everything. E-Mail, web sites, chat, etc. But then Yahoo started doing funky things and I switched away from them.

I am a solid believer of choice when it comes to what you use on the internet. You should be able to have choice of e-mail service, hosting, chat and so on. To have one company do everything is just a bit too Big Brother.

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