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Last night (or rather really early this morning) I chatted with a girl on the phone for a few hours. We talked about a bunch of stuff including her huge fear of heights and why she won't go on vertical rides like Doctor Doom's Fear Fall. But she does like roller coasters so that's cool.

Probably the best part of the conversation was in mention to the fact she's really close in age to me. I was born in '75 and she in '79. To me that's "just right"; it means we can wax nostalgia and understand each other easily. 🙂


I've been posting dopey personal ads to craigslist and happened to catch the attention of a younger girl. She wrote and loved to spread the LOLs and haha's around but then asked me what a certain screen name I use is all about.

That raised an eyebrow because girls don't care about that. At all.


dunkin' donuts is a unit of measurement?

The fourth definition on Urban Dictionary for Dunkin' Donuts is:

A unit of distance measurement in certain areas of New England and especially in Greater Boston.

Heh.. yeah I know DD is an institution in New England; I've been to enough of 'em to know. But to see that was just funny.

DD in New England is like what 7-Eleven is in Tampa Bay.

But Massachusetts does have smoots which you can literally measure by.


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