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The Decompression of %s failed...

Warning: Techie post! (grin)

I recently installed Netscape 4.08 (really old browser) on my Windows XP Pro box to test a web site, then I went to uninstall it. I got that all-too-familiar "The decompression of %s failed.." message. No big deal really, I'll just go and make a c:\temp folder and run the uninstaller (or "deinstall" program as old Netscape calls it). No such luck. A removal program does not exist anywhere in the Netscape directory, which is usually c:\Program Files\Netscape\Communicator then whatever whatever.

I scoured the 'net for a while in the hopes of finding an answer. No such luck except for those stupid PAY SITES that make you pay for tech answers. Um.. no. That's not what the internet is about, I'm not about to pay 10 bucks for a 5 second solution, thank you very much.

So I get into the registry. Found out that the uninstaller program is actually plopped into the Windows directory itself (like c:windows) and it's called c:\windows\uninst.exe. Ran it. Did nothing. Fortunately, that file was placed there by Netscape and wasn't a spyware app (phew!)

Then I do a 'net search for this uninst.exe file and how to deinstall Netscape. FINALLY after what seemed like forever I found this message board thread that stated "By the way, an UninstallShield program may fabricate c:\windows\temp". Oh really..

Sure enough, C:\WINDOWS\TEMP exists. I keep the folder and delete the contents. Then I ran the uninstaller from AddRemove Programs and guess what - Netscape 4.08 uninstalled just like it was supposed to.

Hallelujah. (grin)

From the ThinkPad (again)

I am once again writing a post from the ThinkPad. No, not a good one - an old one, a ThinkPad 390. Those who read this blog regularly know about it. Those who don't, do a search for "thinkpad". (grin)

I was training a new hire at work today and we got to talking about Linux. One of the flavors he mentioned was Linux-Mandrake. He posed the question "I wonder if that still exists?" I checked LinuxISO. Yep it do - and it's still one of the most popular distro's out there.

I tried (and failed) to load SuSE 9.1 Personal on the ThinkPad 390. Didn't work. Never got through the install unfortunately. But after discussing Mandrake, I downloaded it, burnt the discs and installed it on the laptop. "Why not?" I sez to myself. Guess what, it worked.

Granted, this is d-o-g s-l-o-w considering the computer I'm on right now, but it does work. The install detected 99% of everything with the exception of the sound card. Once I get that to work this laptop will be 100%... until I put Windows 98 back on this thing because running anything else is just too damn slow for it (hehe).

I have a plan for a 3rd PC that I'm going to build sometime in the future - and I think it will definitely be a Mandrake box. I know I know.. I raved about SuSE before. The only major problem I had with it is that I couldn't get GNOME to work on it correctly. Mandrake on the other hand has it bundled with it's download version - and it's what I'm using now as I write this. I'm also using the Epiphany web browser. Not too bad, but I still prefer Mozilla or Firefox better. Anyway, the plan for the 3rd PC is this: I'm going to upgrade my existing AMD computer from a 1.9GHz to a 2.2GHz, leaving me with a spare AMD Barton 2600 1.9GHz chip. With that I will build a cheap box and make that into the Mandrake machine. I mean hell, if it can work on a crappy old Thinkpad it can definitely work on a Barton 2600 AMD CPU(!)

More about the GNOME bundle with Mandrake 10: It comes with a fully working version of Evolution -- and I really like that e-mail client, a lot. Very cool looking and it's got just about all the functionality of Microsoft Outlook. I was impressed with it completely.

I really haven't touched the other apps yet, but I really like this flavor of Linux. I don't like it as much as SuSE, but I think this is better for a desktop (and laptop). Seems to install much smoother. The tradeoff is that the performance is a hint slower. Guess you have to decide which is more important. For me, a smoother running Linux is better than a faster running Linux.

Right now the majority of my friends who are reading this post are saying to themselves "Dude, I have no flippin' clue what you're talking about.. I don't know what Linux is.. and what the hell is a Thinkpad anyway?" That's okay. Computer peeps understand my technobabble. If you can't understand what I'm blabbing about here, don't worry. I'll write more "real" material soon. (grin)

..and I wish this laptop had a damn wheel (the wheel in the center of your mouse thing.. no such thing on this laptop, argh.)

No prac tonight

After a hellacious (yes that is a made up word) attempt of trying and failing to get to the practice spot tonight - after discussion the band will be switching the prac schedule to Sunday afternoons and Tuesday nights.

Note to all: Driving in evening commute traffic in an area you're totally unfamiliar with is NOT RECOMMENDED. Erg..