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Like sands through the hourglass

WOW is this day taking forever to get over with. Yeah I'm still at work right now (and yes I purposely spell that word wrong.) Remember how I said before that seconds seem like minutes? Today is another one of those days. So.. be that as it may I will just ramble on and on here for no other reason than do it. Ok, here goes:

Haven't heard anything about that interview I just did, however, I did hear some encouraging stuff. One of the other applicants was told "no", as in "no you're not getting the job" during the interview. I wasn't told that. That's a good thing. It at least means I may have a shot, and I like that thought. I like it a lot, actually.

I have been doing work on a friend's Condition Zero server. CZ is a video game for those who don't know - much like the Counter-Strike server I talk about on this site frequently. I just set up his ReconGamer account and some other stuff so he has more options as an "admin" now than he did before.

I deleted my Yahoo Personals account. Basically speaking, I said to hell with it. Being single sucks, no doubt about it.. but I didn't want to be in the situation of checking the personals like some idiot waiting for a response. Screw that. I'll take my chances elsewhere.

Prices for gas are crazy in two respects now. One: They're sky high in price and Two: Oddly enough they can very by as much as 7 cents EITHER WAY. A few days ago, the price of gas was $2.23 for cheap stuff. Today, it's $2.16. Same gas station. Same pump. And yeah, that's only a few days apart. Crazy.

Other than that - I am going to bed as soon as I get home because I am dead tired. More than likely I will get a bunch of calls while I am asleep, but hey I need my rest. And I know there are lots of people out there who would absolutely love to have the option of coming home and immediately going to bed, but can't for one reason or another (girlfriend/wife, kids, family, whatever). I am lucky in that respect and do take full advantage of it.

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The Interview...

Today, which is seeming to drag on forever where seconds seem like minutes, I had an interview for a job. This was a job that was offered internally where I work. An e-mail came across a few weeks back and I responded to it. Today I had the interview. Did I do well? I have no idea. Interviews kinda freak me out. I always try to make myself sound amicable and ready to work. And yes, I'm ready to work - I want this job. It's for web development and database admin. Sounds boring, but I would do it it in a second - it's my kind of thing. Also, I do not like phone-rat support (a.k.a. helpdesk technical support, my current job). I have never liked it. I only took it because I needed the money. But a web solutions job I would truly enjoy. I'm crossing my fingers and hope I get the job - it would really add a boost to my life in many respects.

Counter-Strike cleanup!

Running a Counter-Strike team is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Recently, we had to kick out yet another team member for being a doofus.

Those who want the nitty gritty of what happened (assuming you know how Counter-Strike teams work), here's the skinny: Our team members are based on invite-only. We happened to invite this guy to the team. A day later, he shows up in the server wearing another team's tag - not ours. That's bad. Then he got caught doing what's called "aim-bot'ing", so he was immediately booted the next day.

The team member who originally brought him in apologized to the rest of the team which was cool on his part.. but it's still annoying that we all had to deal with it.

There's also been talk back and forth about doing the CAL-O thing (Counter-Strike open). Will we do it? Yeah, we will. It just takes time. We have to practice our map strategies more on maps like de_dust2, de_aztec and de_train to name a few.

For those of you out there who have absolutely NO IDEA what any of the above means, don't worry. Counter-Strike is a world of its own like those other geeky games like AD&D and Magic The Gathering. You either know the lingo or you don't. To those who say "Counter-Strike is geeky? Is that true?" Yes it is. It's a video game. Video games are geeky by nature. And yeah I'm a geeky Counter-Strike player. (grin)

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