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Something that I've been struggling with ever since I introduced photos to this blog is formatting. The design of this site more or less directly revolves around the fact almost all the photos here are 500 pixels wide. So.. that means the text boxes are 500 pixels wide with padding.

The reason I decided on 500px wide photos is because it seemed to be best way to get photos on here without sacrificing too much space. Full-size photos are at least 300k to 500k each. Get enough of those stored and you run out of space quick.

I have decided, finally, to host my photos elsewhere using Picasa.

Why Picasa?

The Picasa app itself. I seriously, seriously dig the Picasa application. It above all else is what absolutely trounces Flickr.

Google never deletes anything. Google is one of the very few (if not the only) web company that never ever deletes anything.

Value-wise, you get the most bang for the buck. If I outgrow the free account (which I'm sure I will), it costs $20 a year for 10 gigs of space. That's a crapload of room for a whole bunch o' photos. And if I outgrew that (which is unlikely), it costs $75 a year for 40 gigs of space.

So anyway, I started with the earlier photos and will eventually have everything hosted over on Picasa.

I get to tag my photos with locations now which is cool. On certain photos you'll see mapped locations.

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