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reminders that i'm 34

At the time of this writing, someone who is 19 years old today was born in 1990. And someone who is 13 years old was born in 1996.

It's still difficult for me to believe that I was playing Nintendo at least 5 years before every teen today was born.

It's also difficult to believe that for a huge chunk of those teens, I was using internet before they even knew how to talk and walk.

What gets me now more than anything else is how many teens are pay attention to what I say now. I do have a fair amount of younger folks that watch my YouTube vids and read this blog. And to be honest I find that just plain odd, because why would anyone younger care about what I have to say?

The best I can figure is that they value the benefit of my experience concerning what they're interested in, be it experience with computers, music or whatever else I blab about.

And they want to learn.

It was always my opinion that most teens are lazy (even when I was one), but I've been proven wrong there. Many, particularly with my music, see the way I play and want to learn to play like I do.

I admit it's nice to see the younger crowd actually interested in something worthwhile. And hey, if I play a part in that, so much the better.

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