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Rich's Great Facebook Cleanup of 2010

At one point I had somewhere in the neighborhood of 115 "friends" on Facebook. Being I hardly ever use Facebook anymore except to play a round of Bejeweled Blitz every so often (which is a fun game by the way), I basically don't participate in the system at all.

That being the case, today was the day I mass-deleted a whole bunch of people from my "friends" list. I now have a grand total of 37 people on my list. Yes, I deleted quite a few people off my list today.

The process of how I deleted people is that I went through the list, and for whatever person I didn't recognize, didn't know personally or doesn't communicate with me on a regular basis via email, IM or this blog was given the boot.

I admit there is the slight possibility I may have given the boot to some I do communicate with regularly, but know by screen name rather than real name. If that happened, um.. oops? Such is life.

Social networking is a dead horse as far as I'm concerned. It's my belief that what people appreciate more are places where there is real live communication going on. People are gravitating back to the places where they can actually, you know, converse. Places like the comments on your favorite blogs, Reddit, Digg and so on. Those places have people that actually things you want to read, because seriously, how many times do you want to see crap like:

"I ate sushi for dinner!"

I don't care.

"It's Friday! TGIF!"

I don't care.

"[Insert seriously stupid quote from another 'funny quotes' site in a lame attempt to be funny]"

I don't care.

I.. just.. don't.. care.

Show me some good relevant conversation instead of that "what you had for lunch" crap, and it will get my interest. Otherwise, um.. no.


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