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she lived well

I took a look at my fish tank today and Roberta was not doing so good. She wouldn't eat her food and did nothing but lull around at the bottom of the tank. When she did move, she sometimes fell to her side.

Looking closer at her I noticed she looked horrible. It wasn't pretty. I won't go into the details. It's strange because it seems this happened all of a sudden. She had a clean tank, fresh water and was fed regularly.

So with a heavy heart I sent her on her way in a manner of speaking. She lived well. I got her about five and a half months ago. Betta fish typically have a maximum lifespan of six months, so I think I did pretty good. She lived well.

Tomorrow I'll be picking up another one.

You wouldn't think a pet that costs only four dollars would mean anything to anyone, but when you've got a pet around long enough you get attached. I liked having her around.

I hope my next fish will be as cool as Roberta was.

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