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some stuff that's happened over the past few days

On the way to the boss' stronghold yesterday I was listening to 102.5 FM Tampa and who should be on the phone with Bubba the Love Sponge (yes that is his radio name)? Terry Bollea. Know not who that is? I bet you do and didn't even know it.

See, in Florida he's Terry because he's a local. Like less than an hour away from me local. It was cool to hear him on the airwaves not in "stage" mode. Sounded like an all right guy to me even though he's going thru some major court b.s. at the moment (and yeah it is b.s.).

My paper shredder bit the dust. It stopped working. That ticked me off because I paid $65 for the thing a year ago.


I was going to buy a cheapo $30 shredder but said fuggit.. I'll do that another day.

I plan on composing some synth tunes soon. For a while now I've been in guitar-only mode, but have put down the axe and set up my keys once again.

For whatever reason my interest concerning whether I play guitar or keys happens in waves. I rarely do both at the same time. And as of now it's shifted to the keys.

I was going to keep this info private but might as well make it public: I'm not in a band anymore. Not going to say what the reasons were specifically but I will say this:

One, it was your standard rock band drama b.s. - a game I definitely don't play and two, I am officially done with rock bands - possibly forever. But this doesn't necessarily mean I'll stop performing.

I have an upcoming post on the follies in rock bands - watch for it later on.

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