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Remember how I said recently I wouldn't do the vlogging thing? I lied. I did one. A small one. And it sucked. So I most likely won't be doing it again. Regular blogging is much easier and a lot less aggravating to get online.

I think YouTube overall is beginning to suck.


Two reasons.

1. Google has been screwing around with it too much.

Change the categories so they make no sense, change the upload process, change this, that, the other thing..

Hey Google, stop it. It if ain't broke, don't fix it. If you keep changing it around, you're going to tick off too many people.

2. The most subscribed list.

Way more than half of what's on that list is absolute garbage. Unfortunately, the users on YouTube's list suffers from the same thing that many popular-for-no-reason regular web sites do. And that reason, simply put, is that it's full of "firsts".

If you happen to use a web site in its beginning stages that gains popularity afterwards, you are one of the early users and therefore are popular by default. You're a "first". You see many comments on several most-subscribed users' videos that state "Why is this popular?" The answer is because that moron is a first.

Very few firsts ever capitalize on their 'net popularity, and I can totally understand why. Pushing online-world publicity to real-life is very, very difficult. Dare I say, almost impossible.

For example, the firsts on YouTube's most subscribed list are known by thousands and thousands of people - but only online. The clerk at the local corner store has no clue who they are. And why would they?

True stardom still belongs to television and movie stars. And to be honest, thank God for that. If there were a "comments" or "ratings" section at the bottom of the silver screen in the theater, that would turn me off of movies forever. 😉

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