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the last tie

Something that's very hard to break up with is your bank. I've only had one bank my entire life and they've treated me well. Never have I had any problems with them. However there are two issues: 1) The bank is up north and I'm down here and 2) It's a local bank to the region meaning there aren't any branches where I am now.

Earlier this week I finally decided to get a local bank account. It was a bit weird because I haven't set foot inside a bank of any kind in well over a year. However the experience was good and there were no problems.

Banks here definitely do things different compared to the north. For one thing, free checking really means free checking and not "free checking with convenience fee attached". And you don't need any cash whatsoever to open up an account(!) That's just cool.

On an emotional note, the bank up north is literally the last tie I have up there. It's the only thing connecting me to the place where the prices are high and the winters are cold.

But not for long.

For anyone who asks why I took so long to do this, how often does one change banks? Some never do. This is my first time, so.. yeah. Had to be done eventually. 🙂

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