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the weirdness of a clean closet


What you see pictured here is my clean closet. No, I don't sort my clothes by color because after all, I am a straight man. Yes, I do own a seriously tacky blue button-down shirt with Hawaii-style print on it because I think it epitomizes Florida style. None of my clothes are wrinkled (except maybe for one gray t-shirt I can notice) even though they look like they're mashed together. The red thing on the left is where my suit jacket and dress shirts are. Not seen to the far left are my ties. In front of the suit jacket soft case is an acoustic guitar in its case, an old Alesis Datadisk rack unit on the floor, and to the right of that a Fender 212R combo amplifier. On far right is one of my workstation synthesizers I don't use in its case. Unseen on the top shelf are undies and socks.

My closet is organized and 100% clean. No clutter is on the floor. Under the shirts you'll notice the back wall can be seen very clearly, meaning nothing is stacked/piled up. You'll also notice the carpet is clean without a stain to be found and it's vacuumed. The closet also doors swing open and shut very easily and touch nothing in either direction when using them.

To this day I still consider it totally weird to have a closet this clean because in my mind I expect it to be cluttered and nasty. My thought pattern is that any day now something will happen and it will turn into a complete wreck. It doesn't because I maintain it, but my brain is trained to think it will.

Those that remember how I used to live in New England will probably shocked from the above photo. I can guarantee they're thinking, "No way. Not Rich. That guy is a slob." Well, things have changed for the better. A lot better.

My cleanliness extends to everywhere in my apartment, so it's not just the closet that's the only clean thing in my place.

Having a clean closet is weird, but a good weird. Someday I'll get used to it. 🙂


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