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Weather for Dayville Connecticut and Tampa Florida as of 7:30pm, September 22nd, 2006.

Above is one of the reasons I moved here. New Englander friends of mine will see this and instantly think TOO HOT!!, but that's not the case at all because the humidity is waaaaay lower down here.

Up north it's put-on-a-jacket weather already. I usually started wearing jackets right around the time it got to 60° F and would continue to wear one until March. Here in FL it's not even close to jacket weather.

I find it interesting and weird (only because I haven't experienced before) to walk outside in a t-shirt after 6pm and be completely comfortable.. in late September. And I mean completely.

But I like it. A lot. 🙂


In other unrelated news, my truck got an oil change today along with some new wipers, and I cleaned most of the glass on both my truck and Pop's truck because in all honesty.. it was lookin' kinda grubby. 🙂 But not anymore. Not for a while anyway.

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