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things that happened over the weekend

Circuit City is going out of business and they've been touting this EVERYTHING MUST GO crapola, so I figured I'd stop by just to see if there were any good deals on anything.

What I found was that things were (supposedly) marked down 10%. That's it. There was absolutely nothing in the store worth buying. Everything was overpriced as usual.

I kind of knew this even before going, but said to myself, "Well, maybe this time it will be different." Nope. Same old crap. When a store is going out of business, the first thing they do is mark everything up. Circuit City was no different.

Oh, and the store was an absolute mess. Open boxes everywhere, broken display items, etc. The whole thing was just sad.

~ ~ ~

For the past week I've been in search of what's called a bead curtain. You may know these as door beads or "hippie beads". I have this small passageway between my living room and the bathroom and a bead curtain would fit there neatly.

Wal-Mart doesn't have them and evidently nobody else does either. I even went to a "Bed, Bath & Beyond" looking for the stupid thing and they didn't have it (but did pick up a shower caddy and a new bathmat because I needed one).

The search continues.

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