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This is television, that's all it is. It has nothing to do with people.

The above quote is from a movie I just bought in the bargain bin for 5 bucks, The Running Man. This is a great Schwarzenegger flick.

Sadly, today's television is not all that far off from this movie. If there were cash prizes in COPS, it'd be exactly like The Running Man. Fortunately we haven't "progressed" to that point - yet.

. . .

On another note, the city of Tampa has decided to start some night construction on Busch Boulevard. You'd think this was a bad idea, however at least Tampa is courteous enough not to do this during normal daylight hours - and it isn't just due to the heat. There are construction guys who can take 95-degree weather all day and not even think about it.

At around 10pm I headed out to do some quick shopping and -whammo-, there's the construction. After coming back from shopping I decided to go around it. With GPS I'm able to do this and not concern myself with getting lost because it basically doesn't happen.

The interesting thing about Tampa road construction is that it's quick. Lightning quick. So quick that construction crews are there and gone in just a matter of days or just one day - not weeks or months. This obviously doesn't count the big projects like bridges; I'm just referring to regular road construction.

I was used to Connecticut's way of doing road construction, i.e. close off an entrance ramp, exit ramp or road and leave it sit for months on end before fixing it. Then when it finally gets fixed, close it again three weeks later for apparently no reason. Tack on another few months wait time at that point. Ridiculous? Yes. But people up there know and understand the way the state does things - as did I.

Tampa Bay Florida's way of doing road construction is totally different. First of all, it's safer because people are given notice well in advance with time tables and everything. Cool, eh? They'll even tell you what detours are the best to take.

If you don't happen to read that web site, construction notices are posted several weeks in advanced by means of big lighted road signs, as in "Notice: Construction begins [date here]".

So unless you live under a rock, you're aware of what's going on.

You can even check out all the projects that are in place.

This is yet another reason why Florida kicks so much ass. 🙂

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