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yeah, some of my childhood was this cool

When I was a real little guy I watched tons of Sesame Street. It is because of that broadcast that I learned to read about a good 2 years before everyone else my age did.

A video that's been taken down God knows how many times has reappeared on YouTube that shows just how different that program used to be.

Yeah, that's Stevie Wonder tearing it up with one of the best performances of Superstition ever heard - on Sesame Street.

Even though this particular broadcast aired before I was born I saw this rerun as a kid many many times. Every time this aired my eyes with 100% glued to the television set.

A performance like this on that show is unique because there are no puppets/characters present. It's nothing but the band and kids watching - just like it should be.

I get the same feeling today as I did when I watched this as a kid: Awe.

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