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Currently listening to: "Lazy" by Deep Purple (this is relevant, read on... and by the way, Jon Lord is one of the reasons I started playing keys in the first place, but I digress...)

Menga Dot Net has another redesign on the horizon. Ha! Surprised? Probably not if you've read this weblog for any amount of time. This time around I'm going super-simple by using tables and using sparse CSS. It will also be a full-screen design designed to be widescreen-friendly (I use a 1680x1050 widescreen and the way my site looks on my own computer is important). Actually it will be all-resolution friendly, except maybe for those poor bastards out there using anything under 800x600 - of which there are - but they're not using old computers, they're using cell phone browsers like Blackberry. Or AvantGo. Or whatever. Then again maybe the new design will be cell phone browser friendly. Who knows.

I tried like hell to get CSS to play nice with the design I was trying out, but for crap's sake... it's just so annoying to make CSS "act" like a table. Any web designer/programmer/artist/whatever knows what I'm talking about. You program a great template. It works in Firefox, but not IE. Or the other way 'round. Or not at all.

Then I came to a realization: This is a weblog. While it's true I can create ultra-super-duper-pooper web sites with all the bells and whistles, who gives a crap? No one, really. So what if html tables are ancient. So what if it's not "the standard". At this point, I honestly, truly, (add any other word that ends in "ly"), don't give a rat's ass either way. As they say in the olde country, fuggit.

If you're seeing this as a full screen entry, the new template is up. If not, it'll be online in an hour or two.


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