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you must be this tall

I just found out about this and it saddened me a bit. The front gate for the old Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island was finally torn down.

I'm sure there are a few out there who would say Hey! Why didn't someone save it or move it elsewhere? The reason for why no one tried is fairly obvious; the thing is just too big and even if you could save it, there would be nowhere to put it other than where it was standing.

As is stated in a comment on the link above, that gate was the only thing left that showed Rocky Point Park ever existed.

There's a girl I know (married now) who I know that lives in Rhode Island. I was thinking of ringing her up to see if she wanted to go to the Rocky Point Movie premiere at the Stadium Theatre in Woonsocket on September 7th.

Would it be worth it to catch a flight to T.F. Green just to see this movie?

You betcha.

To that girl: If you happen to read this and are interested, e-mail me. I wanna go. 🙂

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