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12 bucks wasted

Even though I hardly ever use my cell phone (which is a LG VX3200 by the way), I am getting kinda tired of looking at the same old wallpaper over and over again. The ringtones completely suck, too. I noticed there was a little port on the bottom.. "Hm.. must be for data!", so I popped on to eBay and bought a cable. With shipping it was 12 bucks.

I received the cable today and was happy, because now I could go and change the ringtones and wallpapers and so on.

Or so I thought.

Does the cable work? Sure. Does it allow me to modify ringtones and wallpaper? Absolutely not. It will charge the phone, but it absolutely will not send/receive any data whatsoever.

After scrounging around the 'net trying to find a tutorial on how to get the cable to work for data transfers, I found this thread and followed the instructions. No go. Windows XP will not detect the "USB Prolific" device as stated in the tutorial. I don't know why because even though it's not specifically a "FutureDial" cable, it has the same compatibility.


I suppose it is kinda neat that I can use USB to charge my phone, but what I really wanted was some different wallpaper. Ah well. I don't look at it much anyway.


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