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Behold, feet!

Yes, I know I need new sneakers.

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Cut and tired

I had the tires rotated on my truck today which I should have done about 7,000 miles ago. I also got my hair cut today. Had to decide whether to buzz it or go with something traditional. I decided to go traditional. Short back, short sides, medium top.

The hairdresser was awesome. She was about the same age as me, maybe a little older. She was funny in a good way; I could really chat it up with this girl. Cute butt and buxom. If I wasn't moving I would have asker her out. She made me happy. That's all I ask of anyone. 🙂

If you're gonna smoke...

Decided to splurge today and bought a six-dollar pack of clove menthol cigarettes. The brand is called Djarum. Yes, it's a ridiculous purchase, but if you're gonna smoke you might as well treat yourself every so often.

Djarum cloves are the only smokes I know in existence that even non-smokers like because they put a nice scent in the air. They smell exactly like incense sticks.

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