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About the Weird One

No one, I repeat, no one should not know who "Weird Al" Yankovic is. I visit his site periodically. I get a good chuckle out of some of the things he puts there.

On his news page, he's got AL on iTunes! that starts off with "Do you hate owning CD's? Are they just too round and three-dimensional for you?" I like that because how can something be "too" round.

At the bottom of the news page is the poster Read along with Al. Why is this funny? Well, the American Library Association thought that a long-haired guy with a crazy look on his mug would get kids to read - that's why. I seriously may buy it just for the comic factor. And if in fact it does get kids (or anyone else for that matter) to read, all the better.

I once read an interview on the 'net some college kid did with Al. He thought that Al would be some crazy kook that was a few sandwiches short of a picnic. He wasn't. Al is probably one of the most unfunny guys in real life because all of his parody material is manufactured to be funny. I'm not insulting Al here - far from it. Personally I think the guy is a genius and one of the best musicians I've ever heard. The point is that just because someone acts crazy on television (and in the movies) doesn't mean they are. After all, the guy is a Cal PolyTech grad - he definitely isn't stupid by any stretch of the imagination (although he would dare you to be stupid.. heh)

Go check out Weird Al. He is a genius of our time.

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