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annoying people on purpose

On my old YouTube channel I have several videos either at or well over the 200,000 view mark. I started a new YouTube channel with the goal of eventually being a partner user, so it's in my best interest to get as many viewers from the old one to the new.

One of the methods I'm using is going to sound really, really mean but it isn't; I'll tell you why after I show you what I'm doing first.

What I'm doing is placing a huge red box in front of some of my more popular videos. That box has a sub link to my new channel. When the box appears, a timer starts and the video stops for a full two minutes.


I only do this on vids that I don't care about at all. Others have a smaller box and the timer isn't there.

Now I know what you're thinking. "Dude, that's cruel. Like, mega-cruel."

No it isn't, because any video that has annotations and/or timers can be shut off right from the panel. If it's an embedded video like the above, you shut it off like this:


Timer is shut off, hit play, done deal.

If it's directly on the YouTube site, it's done like this (the red speech bubble icon):


Same thing here. Timer is shut off, press play, done deal.

So you see, it's not cruel at all. All it takes is a few clicks and all that stuff is gone.

However with YouTube being YouTube, people get mighty testy when you do this because they're too stupid to know the above, and you get stuff like this:


I like the "NIMROD!!" part. That was funny.

Only a select few of my high-view-count vids on the old channel have the big red box with timer because yes, I know how annoying it is even when you know how to shut it off.

I also should note that the part in the little rage-filled comment above that says "NO ONE WANTS TO SUBSCRIBE" isn't true. The box-and-timer method does work for getting new subs. Works very well, actually.

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