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The price at the pump today was $3.68. Yep. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera so I couldn't snap a pic of it. It would appear (at least for now) that the price is slowly but surely dropping. Yes, I'm happy about it as it everyone else.

The only thing I'm not happy about is that there are wild differences from town to town in the Tampa Bay area concerning gas prices... but maybe it's that way everywhere.. I dunno.

For example, a station close to me in Tampa was selling for $3.71. The $3.68 price was in Riverview. One town over from me the price was $3.77. Down the street from there, $3.83.

Now although 15ยข doesn't sound like much, that is a fairly wide difference for the same octane fuel (87) at gas stations not more than 15 miles apart.

I have made a personal promise to myself. If the price drops to $3.50 (which it might in the next few weeks), I will fill the tank. If not, nah. ๐Ÿ™‚

blue-mailboxmore e-mail changes, realizations

For those old forwarded accounts I mentioned in my last post, I completely disabled one and semi-disabled the rest (meaning not closed but configured to not accept any new incoming mail). I figured it's just better overall to stick to one e-mail account. And yeah, it is. Makes things much easier to manage.

The interesting thing about e-mail concerning spam is that publicly posting your address on a web site actually doesn't attract spam like it used to. The reason is because all the major search engines now have stuff in effect that make it extremely difficult for spam-bots to harvest addresses. In fact, "cloaking" your address these days actually makes it easier for spam-bots to harvest your address and start spamming you like crazy.

Of course, the best spam protection is to never publicly list your address anywhere and never sign up for.. well.. anything. ๐Ÿ™‚ But oh well, it's e-mail. Gotta deal with the crapola sometimes that comes with it.

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