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I have a thing for small cheap thrasher cars. They're just funny. Some dude posted a video of his Chevette doing stupid stuff, like off-roading, 180-spins in reverse, getting the car airborne and so on.

My first ride was an '84 Honda Civic. Loved that car. And yeah I did stupid stuff with it, including launching the car into the air and hitting stuff similar to the YouTube video above.

My last thrasher vehicle was a ratty old '87 S-10 pickup. It was dog slow but ran like a champ. I got rid of it after I bought my '05 Canyon, but I miss it because I could literally beat the snot out of it and just not care.

I think everyone has that one car (or truck) they either own now or did in the past that was just plain frickin' ugly, but ran and ran and ran some more. There's just a very endearing quality to a good running ugly vehicle.

I was recently shopping for a new car but didn't get one because it just costs too much right now. But the funny thing is, with the right paint and wheels, any rat trap car can look like a decent ride. Makes me wonder if I've been going about this car thing the wrong way. Maybe I should just get an older decent running ride, do some paint and minor cosmetics and have a cool looking ride for under $2500.00 - price of car included. 🙂

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