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coming clean

twelve years later

The last operating system I actually bought was twelve years ago. I didn't want to pony up the cash to buy another operating system, but did so because of the following reasons:

1. I've been running a "non-validated" version of my current OS for some time now.

I can't get the security updates for it (that's for "validated" versions only). And those updates are, y'know, kinda necessary.

2. Ubuntu Linux, while awesome, only handles 90% of what I do - and that's not enough.

Believe me when I say that if I could run Ubuntu full time, I would do so in a heartbeat. I really like it. But when it comes to video and audio editing, that's where it doesn't work for me. Yes, I know there are apps out there that are adequate, but that's that thing.. they're just adequate. Can't have that. I need the full 100%.

Hopefully in the future the big players (like Adobe) will develop some Linux-native versions of their software. If Premiere was available in a Linux version.. oh yeah. That would be cool beyond cool.

3. Less hassle.

I find that as time goes on, it's easier to just use properly registered software. There's no fuss and no muss.

Or just use no-cost apps.

The vast majority of what I do can be done with apps that don't cost anything, such as GIMP and OpenOffice.

So in the end, I'm a little poorer for "validating" myself, but it's legal, legit and is one less thing I have to concern myself with.

some entertainment

I've been watching a few new things lately, like...

Wild Hogs. A friend of mine said I should see this even though the reviews were bad because the movie is just fun. So off to the movies I went. The reviews were right. The movie sucked. But my friend was right also. The movie was fun.

Firefly. Excellent series. Watched a few episodes on DVD so far. Good stuff. I like it.

the stupid old debate which is still stupid

Some super-popular blogger wrote about how Mac users should just (and I quote) "SHUT THE F--K UP", indicating that they can't stop blabbing about their computers. I happen to agree with this. Mac users literally cannot shut their mouths. At least a Linux guy knows when to shut it.

Before continuing, I don't know why the debate is labeled as "Mac vs. PC". It should be "Mac vs. Windows", because that's what the stupid debate is TRULY about (Remember: Linux can run on PC's as well as other types of computers - DUH).

Of course, the Mac users all chimed in like clockwork, making the statement the blogger said 100% true. They all started blabbing and got bashed by the Windows and the Linux nerds. Back and forth, forth and back.. blah blah blah.

Oh, I'm sorry - I didn't say what the debate actually is. In brief, it's a wizzing contest to determine what the best operating system is.

Mac users claim OSX is better than Windows.

Windows users retort saying that Macs suck and don't run anything - and that it sucks for games.

Linux users claim Linux is better than everything.

The fact of the matter is that no one gives a crap. As if anyone I ever e-mailed or sent an instant message to cares about what operating system I use.

Do you care? Of course you don't - and nor should you.

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