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Courtesy flush

Earlier today as I was out shopping I had to get something to eat so I stopped at a fast food place. Now honestly, I don't have to state which fast food place it was because they're all the same. You get a burger that tastes like masking tape with cheese on it, salt pretending to be fries, chicken nuggets that only taste like chicken because you think they do and soda from a fountain machine that has way too much syrup mix in it.

More or less the second I got done eating that crap my body told me "You shouldn't have done that". And right now I'm on the privy typing this blog entry with so much crap (literally) coming out of me I've had to courtesy flush already.

Disgusting? Yes. I'm writing this to remind myself that fast food really isn't good for me, I always pay the price later and no matter how fast and/or cheap it is, it's just not worth it.

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