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Electric Mini-Jam (on Schecter C-1 Classic)

Since my first video of me playing was such as big hit (heh) I decided to make another, this time on the Schecter C-1 Classic.

To guitar guys out there: Yes, it plays as good as it looks - no doubt about it. I am playing through a fairly crappy Marshall VS102R combo amplifier with no effects other than the stock distortion. Also, if you look at it thinking "I've never seen a C-1 with that finish", that's because Schecter doesn't offer this finish any longer. I bought the guitar sight-unseen from Musician's Friend when the guitar was first introduced to market. All the hardware is satin gold and the finish is light maple - not dark.

I've never seen its equal - and trust me I've looked. I'm sure there must be more light maple C-1 Classic's out there but I've never seen another (other than mine) to date.

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