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garmin discontinues a bunch of stuff

Although I use Garmin GPS products and champion them as the best in the world, my single largest complaint about the company is that they release too many models too often, and discontinue models just as much.

A huge chunk of three-digit models that end with zero are now discontinued. This includes all the 2's, 3's, 7's and 8's. Yes, they will obviously still be supported for a few years; firmware updates will be available and so on. But there are tons of retailers still selling brand new units of these things. For example, if you go to any store and pick up a nüvi 250, it's obsolete already. And that's just plain crappy.

Garmin does not phase out older models properly. Rather they push out a ton of 'em, then discontinue the line while the units are still being sold as new and current when in fact they are not.

What should happen is that Garmin absolutely should not discontinue a model until it is no longer available at major retailers, be they in-store or online.

Take a look at this (and when that link gets old - and it will - see the PDF version). There are 20 Garmin units listed there. Eight of them (not including the refurb) are discontinued models being sold as new and current.

How is one supposed to distinguish the current models from the discontinued ones without specifically knowing to go to Garmin's site and checking?

The really crazy part is that there's a nüvi 360 listed there. That's been discontinued for over six months.

It's just wrong. People spend hundreds of dollars on these things and ones bought new should be current and not discontinued. And if they are discontinued, they should be labeled as such. But they're not.

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