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gecko invasion

The other day a tiny gecko found its way into my apartment. It was hanging out on the blinds hanging from my window.

This gecko even to the most squeamish would appear to be cute. It was an itty bitty guy with no spots and brown in color.

First, I grabbed a clear plastic cup, then a piece of paper. I put the paper down under where he was, flicked him off the blinds, he landed on the paper and I trapped him in the cup. Then I slid him off the sill holding the paper to the cup so he couldn't escape. Of course he started jumping around like a madman (geckos do that).

After than I opened the door, let him out and set him free. No harm done. He will now go on to live noble gecko pursuits - hopefully not in my apartment again.

~ ~ ~

The first time a gecko found its way into my apartment it scared the crap out of me. Yes I admit it because I didn't know they JUMPED or how unbelievably hard it is to catch one.

These days whenever one gets inside (which is rare) I've become schooled in the ways of capturing one to put it back outside where it belongs.

I've actually gotten quite good at it.

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