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Maine was the last New England state I lived in before getting out o' Dodge and moving to Florida.

There's a fair share of "Mainers" who are snowbirds. What happens is that folks of this type have residence both in Maine and another state (Florida, for example). Being that Maine's registration fees and taxes are unbelievably high, most snowbirds keep vehicles reg'd in the cheaper state.

The funny part comes in when a snowbird's vehicle is registered outside Maine but still physically there. Why would a snowbird leave a vehicle in the state? It's because the owner typically has two cars. One "beater" for Maine driving only and the other which is the good car. And being the beater is for Maine only, you leave it where it's supposed to be driven.

So what's funny about this? It's that snowbirds hide their cars so the cops can't see they're not registered in the state. After all, they are skipping out on Maine taxes and reg fees.

Want to know what's even funnier? Everybody does it.

Maine hates this with a passion.

Check this out:

If you can get past the super-thick Mainer accent, this basically admits that it's a huge problem. Well, it's Maine's own stupid fault for making the vehicle reg and taxes so ridiculously high. The price you pay is not fair whatsoever. Ask any Mainer.

This is one of the reasons I hated living in Maine so much for the short time that I did.

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