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little pads


Yesterday I finally broken down and bought a paper shredder. The one I had previously didn't make it when I moved to Florida.

Some probably think you have to be paranoid to own a shredder, but I consider it mandatory. I had a huge stack of papers I couldn't throw out because they contained all sorts of billing crap. That huge stack is now confetti. 😀

. . .

Lil' notepads

My search ended for something that's actually been quite a challenge to find: Little notepads.

Little pads are about the size of your hand (with fingers out), very rectangular, are spiral-bound and contain 70 or so blank ruled pages.

Staples was the only place that had these lil' notepads. It costs almost five bucks for five pads.

I mention this only because they were so difficult to locate. I remember when you used to be able to find these just about anywhere but now they seem to be scarce for whatever reason.

Ten good reasons why I like little notepads:

  1. It's rectangular. A sheet of paper shaped like a rectangle makes sense, not a square-shaped one.
  2. No sticky stuff (i.e. Post-It's).
  3. It has ruled lines.
  4. Fits in the glove box of any car better than a squared-off Post-It pad.
  5. Doesn't curl over time like Post-It pads do.
  6. You can write on both sides of it easily.
  7. You can write multi-page notes since it's spiral-bound.
  8. Fits in a pocket easier.
  9. They're cheaper than Post-It's and you get more paper.
  10. The spiral allows you to clip a pen on it so you always have a pen with the pad (genius!)

. . .

Kubrick moddin'

I got sick of the blacked-out theme (as I always do) and decided to go with the stock Kubrick WordPress theme. I finally figured out how to make the columns slightly wider to fit my photos better. Once I figured out where that was in the CSS it was easy after that.

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