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Milky Way Midnight Dark review

Milky Way Midnight Dark

This is pretty good.

The last time I had a candy bar, it was a Reese's Fast Break. And it was awful. However, the Milky Way Midnight Dark is far, far better.

Initial impression

The wrapper, I admit, looks cool. It has that 1950's rocket ship look to it (understandable since Milky Way is supposed to refer to the galaxy of the same name.) And I'm liking the fonts used too along with the starry background. There is a bit of googie-inspired design going on, and it totally works. (Do a search for googie architecture if you don't know what that is; if definitely shows in the design of the Midnight Dark wrapper.)

The bar itself actually looks appetizing because of its darker hue. And when you bite into it then look at the bar, the white nougat and caramel does carry the image of "being in space." Very nice.

But how does it taste?

It would be unfair to compare this to the sugar/salt mess that is the Reese's Fast Break. But it is fair to compare it to a Milky Way milk chocolate bar.

The problem I have with a regular milk chocolate Milky Way, other than the fact it's a bit of an over-sweet mess, is that no matter what, the chocolate is always too hard at room temperature.

With Midnight Dark, the chocolate finally, finally, has a slightly softer consistency to it. It is not too hard and doesn't feel like plastic. Granted, it's still firm, but a much better kind of firm.

This bar can be eaten in 4 bites, and I got 3 good bites out of this. On the last bite, the flavor had run its course. Still, to get flavor 75% out of 100% of the way through a chocolate bar is pretty darned good.

I do appreciate the fact the caramel is light within the Midnight Dark. If any more were present, it would have ruined the bar.

Did it make me sick?

Only very slightly. Bear in mind that I eat a plant-based diet. As a rule, I don't eat filth food, so whenever I do, my stomach doesn't like it. But the Midnight Dark was made in such a way where it was mostly-agreeable.

Believe when I say that's high praise coming from me. I don't eat chocolate bars. But when I saw the Midnight Dark, I had to try it because it's not your typical block-o-chocolate nonsense. And it was the first dark chocolate bar I've seen that is something dark but different.

My only complaint?

Hard to find. The Milky Way Midnight Dark is not at my local convenience store. I was only able to get one because I was at a Flying J trucker stop which is well-stocked and had the Midnight Dark there.

I actually have no complaints about the bar itself, but rather just the limited availability of it.

There really should be a better selection of dark chocolate out there

In my area of Tampa Bay Florida, all I have to choose from ordinarily for dark chocolate is Peppermint Patty, Kit Kat Dark and now Milky Way Midnight Dark. That's it. And that's sad.

There should be more dark chocolate options available, but there aren't.

Milky Way Midnight Dark proves that yes, a dark chocolate bar can taste good. I believe there is a growing number of people looking for alternative chocolate bar choices where the sweetness has been toned down, but we barely have anything to choose from.

Mars has a winner with the Midnight Dark. But they need to step up production and get it in more stores. The presentation and packaging are spot-on, no question about that. Mars needs to take more steps to convince the public that dark chocolate isn't "bad" and never has been. It's just less sweet. That's not a bad thing. That's a good thing.

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