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Mudblood iMac does not work with Final Cut

Sigh.. today has not been the best of days in computer land. I got around to installing Final Cut Express and got a nastygram message stating I did not have an AGP card installed in the Mac, so the software wouldn't install.


Then I did some reading on the subject. Final Cut will not work at all on an Intel-based Macintosh computer. A "universal" release is excepted in March '06 for Final Cut Pro, but there was no mention at all that the Express version will be "converted" over.

That sucked. Now I have a brand new computer that's completely worthless because I primarily bought it to do video editing!

I then did some reading on Apple's return policies, thinking maybe I could exchange my Intel iMac for a G5 based iMac instead - which is the same thing as the Intel iMac except it's G5 processor based instead and will work with Final Cut Express. It didn't look promising. I had already opened the box (obviously) for Final Cut and for the new iMac and the return policy explicitly stated in no uncertain terms "YOU OPEN IT - YOU OWN IT".

Well, I wasn't giving up that easily. I called Apple and explained to them my story. They were quick to say (in a nice way) that a "Universal" release for Final Cut Pro was expected in March, to which I quickly replied Yes, for Pro but not for Express. The response was "Oh... um, let me talk to my supervisor."

End result: Apple is going to take back my Intel based iMac and give me a full refund, then I will purchase a new iMac with the G5 in it instead. Because of the "complex nature" (their words, not mine) of the order, this is the best way to do it. I will keep the existing software I have and replace the computer with one that is compatible.

I applaud Apple for doing this. They didn't have to but did anyway. I will be receiving an e-mail with an RMA either today or tomorrow, I will pack up my iMac and have it shipped back. Once the refund goes through I will buy the iMac G5.


Those who know me are probably going to ask "Why didn't you check first to make sure the software you bought would run on the computer you bought and vice versa?" Good question, here's a good answer.

With Mac, you should NOT have to check to make sure whether Apple software products work on their computers. As far back as I can remember you never had to worry about this because Mac is such a proprietary format to begin with. It is usually very safe to assume "If it's made by Mac it will run on a Mac", but this is one of those ultra-rare instances where this is not the case.

So anyway, thank you Apple (said sincerely) for refunding me. This time 'round everything will work once I get my G5. 😉

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