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My Christmas fixings


No, this is not about food.

Some of my Christmas "gifts" to me this year were in the form of fixing a few things I own.

Mean Green calculator rides again

Above is a really cheap Radio Shack calculator. For those interested, it's catalog number 65-1009, and that's not just for the single calculator. It's the part number for a three-calculator set that came in a blister pack. Each calculator was a different color. Green (seen above), purple, and blue. I probably have the purple and blue ones somewhere.

This calculator is either close to or over 20 years old. Every time I think this calculator is gone, it somehow magically shows up in a box somewhere. Incredibly, this thing still worked on its original battery after all these years. I finally decided to clean it up and change the battery. It was obvious this calculator was never meant to be taken apart, but I had nothing to lose so I did it anyway and was able to fix it up and make it work again like new.

Is this a collectible item? Not in the slightest. But this calculator is great. Extremely slim, easy to read, actually has an off button (probably the reason the battery lasted so long), super-easy-press soft buttons... it's great. I was happy to fix it.

I had to order a specific battery cell just for this calculator called an LR1130, formerly known as a GP189. It also goes by AG10 for some reason. No idea why. And, of course, I couldn't order just 1 or 2. I had to order 10. While the cost of this was just $3.42 shipped, now I have 9 batteries I'll probably never use... for a calculator probably not worth more than a dollar. Oh, well.

Garmin nuvis still working

Speaking of battery replacements, I just did the same thing with two Garmin nuvi GPSes I own.

Before anyone asks, yes I know the phone can navigate. I don't like it, which is why I use a nuvi.

I have my daily driver GPS and a second identical model as a backup because I like it that much. Both had their original batteries from the early 2010s. Changed those both out with replacement 1200mAh batteries and they're good to go.

Car stuff

The latest with my car (it's over 10 years old) is that I installed a fuse tap, a.k.a. add-a-fuse, add-a-circuit or whatever it's called.

I did this for my dashcam so it doesn't have to use the 12V port. The tap was installed to the accessory fuse so power is only delivered when the ignition is on. The reason for installing it this way is so the dashcam is never draining the car battery when the engine is off. Cheap tech, but works great.

Guitar fixings?

Not too much to report here just yet. I'm not going to get into my Strat project until sometime in 2021. That's the plan, anyway.

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