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my experience with jury duty, tampa florida style

A few weeks ago I received a summons in the mail that I was to report for jury duty at Edgecomb Courthouse (thirteenth judicial circuit).

My experience:

The City of Tampa parking garage was relatively easy to locate due to the fact I have GPS. However I did miss it the first time, but a quick swing around the block and I saw the signs for it and got right in. I parked here because as a juror (whether chosen or not) the parking is validated at no charge.

The courthouse is stupidly easy to find. There are big huge two-foot letters on the front of the building, "GEORGE E. EDGECOMB COURTHOUSE". There is no way you can miss it.

When inside the courthouse, everything was easy to find also. I arrived at 8am like I was supposed to.

Once inside and registered and all that stuff, I sat in the jury auditorium and waited for my name to be called. That didn't happen during the morning. At 12pm we broke for lunch. I went to Subway down the street and paid too much for a sandwich, then came back.

More people were called, I wasn't.

3:30pm rolls around.

I was in the last group of people called, however we were told to sit and wait while everyone else could go home.


About 30 to 45 minutes later, we're told we could go home; they didn't need us.

I went home.

And that was it. No worse for wear. It took all darn day to be told we weren't needed.. but that's okay.

Overall, the experience was really easy. Really boring, but easy. The mood of the place was nice and light which was much appreciated. Nobody was stressed out, the employees didn't mind taking questions from anyone and, well, it was easy like I said. The hardest part was finding the parking garage, but after that it's no big deal.

Oh, and the judge was cool too. If I remember, his last name was Jesty or Jesti. I don't know how it's spelled. When he spoke to all of us at the beginning of the day he explained things well and seemed like a nice guy.

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