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New AXE shower gel bottle has bad design

Unilever (the guys and gals who make AXE products) recently deployed "new and improved" bottle and can designs for AXE shower gel and AXE body spray.

Both of them are absolutely terrible.

The body spray now shoots out way more spray than it needs to. What this means is that you'll run out twice as fast as before. In addition to that, the "Phoenix" scent has changed - for the worse. I purposely bought five cans of the old (and better) design/scent. Once I run out I'll be looking towards another body spray product.

The shower gel thankfully hasn't changed in scent, but the new bottle design is awful. Easier to hold? Yes. Easier to open? No. They actually made it more difficult to open the bottle. I found myself scuffing my thumb on any attempt to open it.

Unilever, please go back to your old designs and scents. Your new offerings absolutely suck.

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