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New iMac impressions

Well okay, here we go. This is my first blog entry using my new iMac. I got it this morning.

The first thing I'm having to get used to is the keyboard and mouse. I find myself mistyping a few things but nothing major. The Mighty Mouse is also odd but I think I'll get used to it.. it's not as bad as I thought it would be. Actually it's quite good. I'm glad that I can adjust the right side of it to be a secondary click.

The 20" widescreen display is nothing short of phenomenal. Holy CRAP is it good. It's huge, colorful and well.. nothing I can say here will be able to accurately describe how it looks. You just have to see one (and use one) for yourself.

I haven't installed Final Cut yet because I still have to get used to this new computer. I've been able to install Firefox successfully and Thunderbird is next on my list. Apps seems to install without a problem. It's very different how they install compared to Windows but it's nothing I can't master.

This may sound corny, but the iMac is very.. futuristic. I'm impressed. Once I get to actual video editing we'll see if this thing can live up to its claims, but so far so good.

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