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grandma pillow

It's been proven that people sleep away at least one third of their lifetime. With me it's probably more than that. I enjoy sleeping. Then again, who doesn't?

I finally replaced my old worn-out pillow with a new one. I know what you're thinking.. Why blog about a pillow? What's the point?

The point is that a pillow you love is just as important as that old shirt, coat or pair of sneakers you absolutely won't throw out until they literally fall apart. These are items that you actually repair just to save them - so you'll patch and patch and patch again until the threads literally come apart at the seams.

The new pillow feels good. It feels like a home pillow and not one of those hotel-style ones.

After using it I can say yes, I got a good one. 🙂

. . .

it's worth driving the extra 1.3 miles

There are nine Wal-Marts within ten miles of me. One of them is a "Neighborhood Market Store" (foodstuffs only), four are Supercenters, the rest are just standard ones.

Normally I will go to one of two.

There's store #2627 on Fletcher Ave but they're usually out of stock of.. everything. It's also cramped, but that's the way the store is and you can't do much about that.

Store #5220 is a Supercenter. I normally go here. But like 2627, they don't stock very well. In addition, this store is very bad about removing carts from the parking lot. It's so bad that it makes many parking spaces completely unusable.

Today I tried store #2740 - another Supercenter. Compared to 5220, this place is 100 times better. The parking lot is a really weird design, but the inside of the store is well-stocked and the white floors actually shine. The aisles are also wider and you can get around easier.

It only takes me a few minutes longer to get to 2740 but it's well worth it. The difference in cleanliness and the get-in/get-out factor is like night and day.

. . .

c580 cometh

My new GPS is arriving today.

Yes, I know I'm a mobile GPS freak.

To anyone who would ask why I'd get another one since I already have a c340 StreetPilot, the answer is that I wanted a backup unit. Additionally, I wanted one that does everything (or most everything) I want. The c580 is it.

It's my intention that the c580 will be my last GPS I buy for a long time. I am not the type of person who's gotta-have-gotta-have the latest and greatest tech gadgets. This unit replaces my c340 and that will be that.

To note, I seriously considered getting the Mio C220. This is a really decent unit priced right under $200. Users of Mio's really love 'em. There's really nothing else that has as many features for the price - and it is a true out-of-the-box product. Open it up, turn it on and go.

But I'm a Garmin guy so I stuck with that. 🙂


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